Statistics is the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. Statistics is used for decision making by understanding the data.

Types of Statistics:

  1. Descriptive statistics - Understand the sample
  2. Inferential statistics - Understand the population

In descriptive statistics no prediction will be there understand the data of current…


Regression analysis is a statistical technique for studying the linear relationships.

Regression analysis is done for one of two purposes.

  1. To predict which independent variables have an impact on dependent variable.
  2. To estimate the effect of some explanatory variable on the dependent variable.


Linear regression is a machine learning algorithm…

There are various pipelines in Data science projects with machine learning used cases like Data gathering, Feature Engineering, Feature selection, Model creation, Model deployment.


Before model creation we will be doing Train test split, on the entire data. Suppose if you are having 1000 data points, Assume we are splitting it into train 70% test 30 % or 80% train 20 % test based on the data you have.

These 70 % train data

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